“Hi, my name is Viktoria and I am your photographer.
I work with digital cameras, the usual, and also analogue small and medium format film. I love working with either and choose my tools carefully, designing the best result.
   All my life I’ve been drawn to art and creativity: when I was little I spent all my free time in art school, I wrote about miniature painting during my BA in Oriental Studies, I finished photography school in Sweden, then studied MA in Curating Art and worked at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm (Moderna Museet). I was born in a little town Shlisselburg, a mile outside of Saint Petersburg, Russia, but have been living in Stockholm since 2009.
   Every day I speak and think in Swedish, English and a little bit less in Russian (I guess). For me, speaking in other languages is a part of myself. Understanding of something in several languages, without translating from one to another, develops some sort of intuition. I think with time you develop a similar intuitive feeling in photography. I probably even see in frames and look through lens without holding a camera. Photography is first of all self-expression and sort of a mindset. There is no better way to show what I feel and what I see than make a photograph. I love capturing, catching the very moments of everything. So, welcome to my world.”
Photography – sincere, adventurous, sentimental.
Capturing your everyday moments, living through the most important events, with all kinds of emotions, I would love to give you the most precious thing in photography – life.