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    The Day I Became a Mrs

    I have merely started to write about our wedding planning when I understood that this topic is so much more complicated and totally unrelated to the wedding day photographs, so I decided to tell you about the day only, because wedding day and wedding planning are two very different emotions.

    I’m a romantic (I believe so) with a hint of sarcasm. I was quite indifferent to weddings (until some time), I have a lot of wedding photographers friends and while I was thinking about my wedding day I sort of felt extremely calm… Until my boyfriend proposed. Who could have known that my S. is such a romantic. I thank him for my hysterical happy tears. I will never forget the night he proposed when we both laughed and cried because we had no idea which hand were we supposed to put the ring on.

    Wedding preparations include a very exceptional and unique package of nerves. I wouldn’t want to share the planning story here today, not together with beautiful photography. On the day of the wedding I couldn’t care less, I even tore my dress and noticed it later in the end, whatever! On your wedding day you will feel better, easier. Trust me! I’ve heard different stories, but I let it go in the morning when I knew – wedding is only one day, not one week like Charlotte (“Sex and the City”) “wanted” it, or even Monica (“Friends”), wedding is just several hours. I had one goal – enjoy the day and remember its details. That doesn’t mean that everything went perfect, of course not, but it wouldn’t be as great of it did. I would never have thought I could be so stressed months before the wedding. Just one day! and so much pressure.
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