Simply Me,unsorted

    When I “let” myself write

    This is a writing marathon from my Instagram. I decided to leave the text as it is without translation. But for those who are very curious I’ve added an “express” google translate button in the upper corner of the post (to see it continue reading). Somewhat helpful :)

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    The Day I Became a Mrs

    I'm looking at our photographs and remembering how we were sitting next to each other, sometimes holding hands under the table. Moments like these are precious and are for us to…

  • Christmas Viktoria Garvare

    My Christmas Mix

    I used to think that a few or a couple of years is a very short period of time. In the end of every year I thought that the time just…

  • Travel Notes

    New York, New York. part one

    New York… I had a dream to visit this city! Tall buildings, midtown rush, “long” sun, familiar monuments, a forest right in the middle of the city. I especially wanted to…